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What is Success? 

Success is Static and Relative – Ruling & Reigning is Dynamic and Infinitive.


Success is completion of a planned journey, of reaching a milestone, of completing a course, of winning a race, of reaching a specified goal, of overcoming sickness, of surviving against all odds, of being successfully revived from drowning or a heart attack.  So we see clearly that success is definitive, relative and static, that is, it comes to an end.  It must then begin all over again in whatever pursuit you want the resulting success.  This would be for example, each financial year.


Ruling & Reigning is Dynamic and Infinitive.

You don’t Rule & Reign because you are successful! You are successful because you Rule & Reign!  It is the Ruling & Reigning that people don’t get, or won’t, or can’t do and so success is limited, arbitrary, ad-hock and for many uneducated minds, luck.

Success is a Result!  It can never be a Goal.  If it is a goal you will never make it.  It is like saying “My goal in life is to have success”.  Relative to what? is the question.

The dynamics of Ruling & Reigning are diverse and infinitive, that is, never ending and in constant change.  There is a price to pay for this never ending knowledge and constant learning of change. It requires you to be proactive educationally.

Success is a Prison those Ruling & Reigning use to lock others away without realising it, and if they are not aware can also be the prison to which they lock themselves away.

The moment you think you have arrived or have become a success you have placed yourself in a prison of your own, or someone else’s making.  Everyone who earns a University degree must make the choice at their graduation to use the degree to either lock themselves away, confined to the prison of their successful graduation until they end up redundant in the junk yard of churned out of date knowledge, or use it to unlock the mind, then throw away the key, so they may retain their freedom to Rule & Reign!



John Fergusson is an accomplished and highly respected teacher, public speaker, tactical planner, a pioneer strategist and catalyst in today’s world of business.  Gifted in revealing new ideas with inspiration and revelation, John wraps them in practical, everyday social and communal living conditions and applications for the ultimate wellbeing and transformation of every living working human being. 


John is a businessman committed to communicating current mission, pro-future vision, founded and established in strong family values at every level of our society, especially for the purpose of guiding the business and corporate world toward the mandate that they must only exist to serve the community locally as well as at large. 

 Sydney Australia

John (with his wife Despina) lives, works, leads and serves out of Sydney Australia.

Besides Business studies and studies in Humanities he also graduated from seminary in 1967 in upstate New York.  He was a leader for many years in fulltime pastoral ministry in the US and Australia whilst travelling to speak and minister in conventions and conferences in many countries of the world, which he still loves to do. He has always worked in the corporate and business world community having established numerous businesses and companies over the years working in, developing and training, some very large organisations, one exceeding 80,000 people that he was responsible for. 


John’s wife, Despina, worked full-time in Chicago at the TV station WCFC TV 38 singing in a musical group called “Skyway” while teaching and ministering to various churches, business and community groups and hosted her own talkback cable TV Show.  


 Quote: You don’t Rule & Reign because you are successful! You are successful because you Rule & Reign! ~ John R Fergusson

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