I will help you to get people hearing, thinking, believing and receiving that which matters.  They will have to get off the fence.  People must be either on the offence, or on the defence, not sitting on the fence!  I want you“hot” or “cold”!  The World is sick with lukewarmness (fence sitters)! i.e. No commitment, loyalty or pursuit in their being toward anything of value, therefore there is no way you can do anything with them or give them any direction in their lives.  It’s a stalemate!


If people are complaining, criticizing, undermining, and causing lots of critical trouble, it means they are fence sitters in our work and business and/or the company.  Players on the sideline benches (fences) have an unusual position to criticise and complain about those on the field – be they the team (workers) or the referees (leaders)!  We need to draw down from the “Bank of Proactive Wisdom”, not our own "Reactive Habits", to help bring these troubled people/workers into our living operative workable relationships!


If we are providing work direction for a select few and making everyone else sit in the stalls on benches, pews and theatres (bleachers and grandstands) with nothing to do, or become, other than our supporters and spectators, we certainly don’t have the wellfare of all in mind, nor do we know how to confer in a conference, nor do we have the faintest idea of collaboration and teamwork.


A true conference comes out of confrontation.  If there is nothing confronting us, there isn’t anything to confer about.  There are many issues and vital matters confronting us today.  How important is confrontation to you?

How do we determine the priority of change, transformation and conformation as this world confronts us and our people, through other people and events?


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