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People don’t need motivating except to find the love of their life and living.  Once we find that, we become self motivated.  Motivation does not require experience, experience may help, but most often it does the opposite – rather it requires belief, desire, passion, ingenuity, initiative, freedom and the will and power of sacrifice.


If motivation wanes it means we are off course, or losing our way and therefore losing sight of our goals and purpose by distractions or other things.

Motivation is related to desire and passion and is neither daunted by obstacles nor controlled by circumstances good or bad.


Motivation without purpose and goals will become its own enemy.  Finding no reason or need to complete any mission, a person falls into a passive acceptance of the inevitable.  Even when they don’t know what the inevitable is – they wait for it!  We call the inevitable “circumstances beyond my control”, but actually we set ourselves up for them to master and control us.  Life does not beat us up unless we let it.  We are the master over our circumstances and the judge of the inevitable as long as we keep asking the question “is it?” and we make the answer “pending!” until we have done all there is to do and become all there is to become.


We have all heard it said,”What gets measured gets managed, and what gets managed gets done”!  But I say, “What gets measured will either get done, or get left undone”!  It all depends on whether we can rise to the measure or not! If we don't, it won't get managed!  The measure is determined by how motivated we are with belief, desire, passion, ingenuity, initiative, freedom and the will and power of sacrifice!

We can never hit the mark if we miss aim at the beginning, or change our aim to something else along the way.  And if the goal posts we‘re after get moved – don’t complain – shift your aim and follow the goal – the motivation is to score – not to find reasons why we can’t!


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