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Topless Heaven - Bottomless Pit

A new book by John Fergusson regarding...

The Ascension Dimension - A Strategic Human Journey



This book is written about life's strategic journey:


To show to all people that the journey of life they are on is vitally strategic!  That the greatest discovery of all time is their lucent fellowship with their Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Spirit and each other (the members of Christ's body), on personal and community levels.  This is God's fast track to us into understanding and enjoying the Earth in and through the ascension dimension now. 

To help people understand “Sonship” and as God's Sons and Daughters, stretch forward and upward to their eternal “Destiny” while on earth for Earth.

To challenge all to come to terms with the One source, many branches. One life, multiple expressions.  One being, myriads of representations in His body.  That God is ready and prepared to go down many roads to reach every one of us since it is His will and desire to dwell in us and for us to dwell in Him.

To show that both Salvation and the Kingdom is an inheritance willed to us by God and that the Godhead loves Earth so much they've planned it to be our joint eternal home.


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